Career & Life Transitions Coaching



Whatever transition or goal you face, the process of self-reflection, setting clear goals and creating an action plan will move you forward. Finding your purpose to impact the world in a meaningful way will bring fulfillment, personal reward and a sense of being valued. Feeling valued is critical to our hierarchy of needs.

Core Citizen works with clients at all levels of leadership on their career and life journey.

  • Job transition
  • Career transition
  • Retirement transition
  • Exploring what’s next
  • Getting to the next level
  • Success in a new position
  • Onboarding
  • Leadership development
  • Renewed energy and focus in a current position
  • How to engage, connect and influence in the workplace (and life)
  • Getting clear on your core strengths and skills
  • Know what you do best and love to do
  • Tapping into your core beliefs and core values so they align with your work and life
  • Preparing for the job search – value proposition, interview skills, resume preparation
  • Networking strategies


Managing your personal brand is critical to achieving your professional goals. The process supports:

  • Knowing yourself better to guide career decisions
  • Identifying your target audience – who needs what you offer
  • Increasing your confidence and executive presence
  • Increasing your visibility and influence
  • Differentiating yourself from your peers
  • Enjoying success by aligning your work with your strengths and values



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